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Testing and Accountability


    Please review the 2016-17 Stanly County Schools District Report Card by click HERE.

    To see any of our schools' 2016-17 NC School Report Cards, please click HERE.

    Click HERE to see some of Stanly County School's 2016-17 Data Highlights! 

                             - Stanly News and Press article from Sept 22, 2017

 2016-17 NC Accountability and SPG Results are  available at

This link will provide basic background information to help you understand the 2016-17 school accountability data, including the School Performance Grades.

News & Updates:

2015-16 School Report Cards are  available at for using the  NC School Report Cards can be found at 

Previous NC School Report Cards
To access an archived version of the NC School Report Cards (2001-2013 please visit

Addition of the Fifth Achievement Level -
The State Board of Education adopted at its March 2014 meeting a methodology to add a new achievement level. With this additional achievement level, the State will now report five achievement levels. The Understanding the Five Achievement Levels Assessment Brief from April 2014 helps to explain the new levels.