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Staggered Bell Time Information

Please check out the documents below to view more information on our proposal for staggered bell times.  A new Q & A document is coming soon based on your feedback from the community sessions.
Click here to view the community input session.
SPARK Program Information
SPARK is a part of a 21st Century Learning grant that was awarded to the district to serve 5 elementary schools for students in grades 2nd - 5th.  The program can serve a max. of 50 students per site. It is federal funds that provides before or after school enrichment in literacy and STEM.  The grant requires students attend at least 3 hours per day for a total of 15 hours a week.
After School Care Bus Routing
For your child to be picked up or dropped off at a daycare facility, you must fill out a bus ridership form requesting pickup or drop off at that location by August the 2nd. If a daycare facility was the stop for your child last year there should be no issue with your request this year. The change for this year is that buses can go up to 2 miles outside the school district lines for a daycare pickup.   For example, let’s say your child attends Endy Elementary, but the daycare they attend is inside Central Elementary’s district. If you have filled out a rider ship form (by August the 2nd)requesting a stop for your child at the daycare and it is within 2 miles of Endy’s district we will evaluate the stop, and if it does not place an undue burden on the school system we will transport the student to the daycare. All decisions on stops outside the district lines will be made by August the 8th. We will then communicate to you whether we can accommodate your request or not.