SCoVE Information 2020-2021

What is SCoVE?

Stanly County Virtual Education, or SCoVE, is a school within the Stanly County Schools district.


What is the purpose of SCoVE?

SCoVE is designed to meet the individual academic needs of those students and parents who prefer to homeschool and/or private school their child,  yet provide an opportunity to utilize our courses (seated and/or virtual) that one may have difficulty teaching or that would not otherwise be possible in the home setting.


How does SCoVE work?

Students must be enrolled in two or more courses. SCoVE is tuition-free for Stanly County Residents.  Students living outside of Stanly County would pay the out-of-county tuition as determined by the Stanly County Board of Education (tuition is being waived for the 2020-21 school year). SCS would pay for the online course access and any required textbooks.  Also, if a student wanted a blend of online and seated courses, that is also available!

Reliable Internet service must be available and is not provided by SCS. SCS will provide students with a loaner Chromebook to use for courses, if needed or required, for a non-refundable $15 technology fee each school year.

What about students being enrolled in homeschool and SCS at the same time?

Yes, students can take courses in both.  SCS will provide additional educational opportunities for homeschool, private school, or students with medical reasons.

What grade levels will SCoVE enroll students?

SCoVE enrollment is K-12.   


Will transportation be provided to the students who would like to attend  a program or course that is not in their district?

SCS will continue to bus students within the traditional high schools during the first half of the day for programs not available at the school within residency (not for courses available through telepresence).

SCS is in the fourth year of providing student access to programs in other high schools.  Course access is available either by school bus during first half of the day or by personal transportation anytime during the day.


Will transportation be provided between home and school, if attending a seated class (face to face) in one of the traditional schools?

Transportation may be provided from home to the student’s school of residency for seated courses taken first period/block (start of school day). Transportation may be provided from the student’s school of residency to home for seated courses taken last period/block (end of school day).


What is being done for Career & Technical Education students?

SCS will offer the current Career & Tech Ed program areas in the traditional high schools: Family & Consumer Science, Health Science, Business & Information Technology, Technology Education, Career Development, and Technical & Industrial Education (Carpentry, Woodworking, Masonry, Automotive, Drafting, Electronics, & Graphics Communication).

We offer over 100 CTE courses and are always looking to partner with SCC and expand our programs.  A SCoVE student may attend school for one or more of the CTE program courses.

What about art programs?  Will there still be band, visual art, etc. available for SCoVE students?

SCS will have art programs available at the traditional schools for any SCoVE student wanting to participate in face-to-face courses. Many art courses are also available online for high school students.


What would be the requirements for graduation?

All SCoVE students will continue the NC and SCS BOE requirements for graduation, if there is a desire to earn a SCS diploma.  


May a SCoVE student participate in graduation ceremonies at the high school within their residency district?

Yes. A student enrolled as a SCoVE student may participate in graduation ceremonies at the high school within their district of residency. The diploma and transcript will indicate “Stanly County Virtual Education” as the school of graduation.   


Is there an application process for SCoVE?

Yes.  Each student must enroll into Stanly County Schools. Homeschool or private school status would be maintained. Please visit our website at and navigate to Resources then Enrollment to access the enrollment packet and instructions for SCS.  In addition to these documents, homeschools must bring a copy of their homeschool registration verification, transcript and/or report cards, nationally standardized test scores, and attendance reports.  Please call or schedule an appointment with Nancy Hatley, Director of SCoVE, prior to making an enrollment appointment, for review of records and enrollment determination.


Will students enrolled in SCoVE be able to participate in sports? Where will students play sports?

All SCS traditional high schools and middle schools have athletic offerings.  Details and procedures for middle and high school are determined by NCHSAA and the SCS Board of Education. Generally, high school students must be enrolled in at least three courses to play SCS sports. All other eligibility requirements must be met.  The decision on school location for participation is based on the district residency of the student.


Can SCoVE students take AP (advanced Placement), honors, or standard courses without attending a school location?  

Yes – these are available either seated, online, or through telepresence online (high school and limited middle school/elementary school).


What about end of course or end of year testing?  

Students are required to take all State tests/exams required for their grade level and/or courses in which enrolled. These tests must be taken in person.


The plan says that they will have opportunities starting in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  How will SCoVE students in these grades receive educational opportunities?

K-5 students may participate in core subjects through Edgenuity online learning.  6th through 8th grade students can participate in Edgenuity and may have additional online learning opportunities. Students may attend classes at the elementary or middle school in their district of residency for face-to-face instruction.   

High school students may attend classes at the high school in their district of residency or another SCS high school for special programs and/or courses only offered at specific campuses. Online courses are available through Stanly County OnLine (SCOL), the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), and through Stanly Community College's Career & College Promise (CCP) program.  Some CCP courses are also offered face to face. Community colleges offer college transfer courses and students receive dual credits for high school and college.  Community college Career & College Promise (CCP) courses often require a textbook/digital resource and/or course fee. SCS provides the textbooks/digital resources at no cost to the student. 


Who do I contact about SCoVE?

For more information and questions regarding SCoVE, please contact Nancy Hatley at 704-961-3192. 

Once an enrollment determination has been made, parents may enroll their student(s) for SCoVE by contacting 704-961-3000 to set up an enrollment appointment. Prior to your appointment, visit our website at and navigate to Resources then Enrollment to access the enrollment packet and instructions for SCS enrollment.  In addition to these documents, homeschools must bring a copy of their homeschool registration verification, transcript and/or report cards, nationally standardized test scores, and attendance reports.  


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