Child Nutrition - Meals for Students

meals delivered
Stats for Meals Delivered:
3/16/20      Monday              5,300    
3/17/20      Tuesday              8,376    
3/18/20     Wednesday        9,908
3/19/20     Thursday             9,978
3/20/20      Friday                10,126
3/23/20      Monday             10,184
3/24/20     Tuesday             10,104
3/25/20    Wednesday        10,116
3/26/20     Thursday           10,660 

* Please Note*

Meals will NOT be available for delivery

or at the drive through locations on

Friday, March 27, 2020 - Teacher Workday

SCS will be following the traditional school calendar therefore

meals will not be served on teacher workdays.



Stanly County Schools will provide lunches beginning Monday, March 16th.

Upon picking up your lunch, you will also receive breakfast for the next morning. 

Meals to all students are provided at NO COST for all schools.

The following options are available:


Option 1

The bus will deliver meals between 10:00-2:00 at normally scheduled stops and all Stanly County students can come to a bus stop to pick up a meal. A school messenger will be sent when the school route begins, and Here Come the Bus app can be utilized for more exact times!  


Option 2

Drive through options, determined by USDA guidelines of area eligibility, will be at the following eight school sites:

  1. Albemarle High School
  2. Albemarle Middle School
  3. Badin Elementary School (Back Parking Lot on Boyden Street)
  4. Central Elementary School
  5. East Albemarle Elementary School
  6. Norwood Elementary School
  7. South Stanly Middle School
  8. Stanfield Elementary School

Drive through locations will operate Monday through Friday from 11:00-1:00. Drive throughs will be located in the above schools’ car rider line with the exception of Badin which will be located in the back parking lot on Boyden Street.