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COVID-19 Vaccines

On January 5, 2021, Stanly County Schools was notified by the Stanly County Health Department that Moderna COVID-19 vaccines would be available to SCS employees who would like to receive the vaccine as early as next week.  School employees are categorized in Phase 1B of the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan. School employees age 50+ will be given the first opportunity to receive the vaccination. School employees under the age of 50 will be scheduled afterward.   

In order to develop our delivery plan, all employees will need to complete a mandatory survey which has been sent to all employees' SCS email account.  Responses to the survey will be used to begin scheduling vaccination appointments for those wishing to receive the vaccine.

For Your Information:
Q: Which COVID-19 vaccine is Stanly County Health Department distributing to SCS employees?
A: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine      Information about the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
Q: Do I have to be a resident of Stanly County to receive the vaccination through SCS?
A: No. We will offer the vaccination to all employees. 
Q: Will part-time employees be offered the vaccination?
A: Yes. All employees will be given the opportunity to take the vaccination.
Q: Who will be first to receive the vaccination?
A: Our School Nurses are offered the opportunity to vaccinate this week. They will, in turn, administer the vaccination to our employees. We will begin with employees who are age 50 and older as of 1/15/21. 
Q: Where do I go to receive my vaccination?
A: Our first clinic will be held in the Albemarle Middle School gym beginning next week. Email notification will be sent to employees age 50 and older who indicate they want to receive the vaccination. This email will give the date and time of the scheduled appointment. Employees should arrive promptly at their scheduled time and be prepared to wait 15 minutes after the injection is administered. 
Q: What is the cost of the vaccine?
A: The vaccine is free of charge. There is no need to bring your insurance card.