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2021-2022 Back to School Information

Stanly County Schools is excited to return to five days per week learning for the 2021-2022 school year!
Below you will find general information to help you begin the school year informed and ready for success.
Any additional questions you may have that have not been addressed on this page or that are specific to your students' school, please contact your child's school directly. 
We wish you a wonderful start to the school year. 
Visit the School Calendars webpage for the most accurate and up to date schedules.

Bell Schedules:

Early Start Schools (Badin, Endy, Locust, and Norwood) 7:25 - 2:10

Late Start Schools (Aquadale, Central, East, Millingport, Richfield, Stanfield) 8:55 - 3:40 

Oakboro STEM School: 8:30 - 3:15


Elementary Open House:
Thursday, August 19
7:30 -9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.


School supply lists will be available at each school or by visiting the school website and social media pages.


Bell Schedules: 
Oakboro STEM School: 8:30 - 3:15

Middle Schools: 7:55 - 2:55


Middle School Open House:
Wednesday, August 18
7:30 -9 a.m. and 5-7p.m.


School supply lists will be available at each school or by visiting the school website and social media pages.

Bell Schedules: 

High Schools: 7:55 - 3:05

Stanly Early College: 8:30 - 3:30

Stanly STEM Early College: 8:30 - 3:05

Stanly Academy Learning Center: 7:45 - 2:30

Rising 9th Grade Transition Camps will be held on Tuesday, August 10:
9:00 -11:00 am - Students
10:30 -11:00 am - Parents

9:00-11:00 am - Students
10:30-11:00 am - Parents

9:00-11:00 am -Students
6:00-7:00 pm-Parents
High School Open House:
Tuesday, August 17
7:30 -9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.


SCoVE is excited to welcome students back to school this year. While SCoVE is a virtual education school, SCoVE will function much like a traditional school serving students K-12. SCoVE students will follow the traditional school calendar and receive a Chromebook as all students enrolled with Stanly County Schools. SCoVE student schedules will include synchronous and asynchronous instruction giving families the flexibility they need for daily routines.  
SCoVE is not accepting any new enrollments at this time, however, if you are interested in more information please visit the school's Facebook page for up-to-date info. You may also contact Katrice Thomas at or 704-961-3081.
All Stanly County Schools will extend our 1:1 initiative to include all students enrolled for the 2021-2022 schools.  
Stanly County Schools will be responsible for the repair of the Chromebook for normal wear of the unit upon its first damage claim at no cost to the family. If the Chromebook is intentionally damaged, stolen, or lost a second time the student/parent/guardian is responsible for replacing the unit as determined by the school administration. The cost of repairs is an ever-changing expense. Please consult with your Media Coordinator or school Administration for the most up-to-date list of Chromebook expenses. If a family does not have wifi, a student may use the Chromebook at school, at the public library, at local businesses with wifi capabilities, or wherever wifi is available. Google Apps are available offline and files will sync with their Google Drive when they connect to the SCS network. 

Helpful resources and additional information can be found on our technology page by visiting or by access SCS Student Technology Handbook.
Stanly County Schools will continue safety and sanitation protocols while following NCDHHS guidance during the 2021-2022 school year. For additional information concerning Stanly County Schools' elementary and middle school disinfectant schedules, please click on the link below.
In order for our Transportation Department to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year, we are requiring that all parents and guardians confirm any bus transportation needs or changes for the upcoming school year.
Even if your child(ren) rode the bus last year the Bus Transportation Request Form must be filled out.
Please take a few minutes to complete the request form to ensure that we have the most accurate information! 

Transportation coordinators:
Albemarle District (located at AMS): Jim McCann 704-961-5113
North Stanly District (located at NSMS): Barbara Massey 704-961-5112
South Stanly District (located at SSHS): Travis Bowers 704-961-5110
West Stanly District (located at WSMS): Charlie Sheppard 704-961-5111
Law requires a parent or guardian to receive K-2 students at the afternoon bus stop. A No One At Home (NOAH) form will be provided to parents.
USDA has extended free breakfast and lunch for all SCS students for the 2021-2022 school year. However, new regulations will remove our drive-thru site options. Extras and snacks will be sold and money can be added to a student's accounts by check or cash at the school or online at K12 Payment Center.
Community Engagement Coordinator:
This position was created using ESSER funding to help with COVID-related issues that now exist in our communities which are impacting our students' education. Ms. Melissa Smith will be working within communities to help and remove obstacles that may impede the ability of our schools to provide for their student's educational needs and will be centered around drop-out prevention and student engagement. Ms. Smith can be reached at 704-961-3819. 
SEL/Mental Health Coordinator: 
Ms. Sam Manduca will be working with each elementary school and AMS to implement the Second Step for SEL (social-emotional learning) curriculum to teach children techniques to gain confidence, set goals, make better decisions, collaborate with others in work and play, and navigate the world more effectively.
Botvin Life Skills will be taught in all middle schools and 9th grade at all high schools. The program is a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program that focuses on targeting the social and psychological factors that initiate risky behaviors rather than simply educating participants on the dangers of drug and alcohol use. 
Secondary Curriculum Interventionists:
ESSER funds are being utilized to provide vision and leadership for student growth by working in close collaboration with district leadership, principals, school leadership teams, PLCs, and teachers. Four Curriculum Interventionists will collect, analyze, and interpret data to facilitate the implementation of strong instruction and social-emotional learning across the three tiers of the MTSS framework between secondary school feeder patterns - AHS/ AMS, NSHS/ NSMS, SSHS/SSMS, and WSHS/ WSMS