Athletic Event Reminder

Athletic Event Reminders
  • No Tobacco, e-cigarettes, or Alcohol
  • No Firearms or Weapons
  • No Signs or Banners except those with school mascot/logo and no larger than 12”x12”
  • No Large Backpacks
  • No Outside Food or Beverage
Dear Patrons:

In order to ensure all spectators can view and enjoy athletic events at Stanly County Schools and to keep the focus of these events on our students, signs or banners will not be allowed in the stadium except those with a school mascot or logo.

In general, spectators have the right to wear any clothing they wish so long as any message on the clothing is not vulgar or lewd and does not otherwise threaten or create a significant disruption.  Signs and banners, however, have the potential to obstruct the view of spectators and disrupt the event.  For this reason, these items are not allowed in the stadium.

Friday night football should be a celebration of our students – our players, cheerleaders, band members and spectators.  Please help keep the focus on our students by following all policies and rules at the event.