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Board of Education

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of the Board of Education?
The Stanly County Board of Education is responsible for operating the Stanly County School System in compliance with state laws and within the policies and regulations as set forth by the State Board of Education. The goals of the Board are to provide the very best educational opportunities possible for more than 8,600 students enrolled in Stanly County Schools.

The Board appoints the superintendent of schools to act as its executive officer. The Board has executive, legislative, and judicial authority granted by law. Primarily, the Board concerns itself with the policies that govern local schools, and the superintendent and administrative staff are responsible to administer those policies.

When and How is the Board of Education Elected?
The Stanly County Board of Education consists of seven members who are elected by the voters of our county in a partisan election. The members are elected and serve alternating four-year terms. See the 'Board of Education' page for more information on district representatives.

Meeting Schedule
Stanly Board of Education
Regular Monthly Meeting Schedule

According to Board Policy 2300, in general, the Board will hold regular meetings at 6:15 PM on the first Tuesday of each month in the Gene McIntyre Meeting Room of the Stanly County Commons Building.

Meetings may be held at a time and place decided and publicized by the board; however, most meetings are held at the administrative offices of the Board of Education

How Can I Address the Board?
Public participation in meetings of the Board is encouraged under conditions that permit the Board to conduct its business. At each regularly scheduled Board meeting, fifteen minutes will be set aside on the Board agenda for citizens to make public comments pertinent to Stanly County Schools. Anyone wishing to make a comment will sign the register prior to the beginning of the meeting listing their name, address, topic to be addressed and group affiliation if applicable. Comments will be limited to three minutes per individual and will be regulated by state and board policy. No participant may address or question the board members individually. No placards or banners will be permitted within the meeting room.

Any persons wishing to make a presentation to the Board should direct written requests to the superintendent at least ten days prior to the meeting. The chairperson shall establish the amount of time for individual or group presentations.

For additional information please review BOE policy 2310: Public Participation at Board Meeting. 
Board of Education Members
Glenda Gibson
District 3
Term: Dec 2020-Dec 2024
[email protected] 
Carla Poplin, Chairperson
District 5
Term: Dec 2020-Dec 2024
[email protected] 
Bill Sorenson, Vice Chairperson
District 2 
Term: Dec 2020-Dec 2024
[email protected] 
Vicky Watson
District 4
Term: Dec 2020-Dec 2024
[email protected]
Robin Whittaker
Term: Dec 2022-Dec 2026
[email protected]
Rufus Lefler
At Large
Term: Dec 2020-Dec 2024
Dustin Lisk
District 1 
Term: Dec 2022-Dec 2026
Residency Districts/Precincts:
New London, Richfield, Ridenhour and Almond 
Badin, Palmerville, N. Albemarle, East Albemarle, and S. Albemarle 
Albemarle #1, Albemarle #2, Albemarle #7 and Albemarle #11 
Albemarle #6, Albemarle #8 and Albemarle #10 
Furr #1 and Furr #2 
Big Lick #1, Big Lick #2 and Endy 
Tyson, West Center and East Center