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Curriculum and Instruction

The instructional department is instrumental in fulfilling this vision. We strive to create a community of learners in which administrators, teachers, students, and parents are all active participants in the teaching/learning process. Stanly County Schools utilizes technology as a tool to support the delivery of quality, student-centered instruction and bring the North Carolina Standard Course of Study to life for our digital-age students. Our teachers make learning meaningful, challenging and enjoyable for students.

In Stanly County we are committed to:
  1. Providing all student a solid foundation in literacy and mathematics;
  2. Providing a differentiated instructional program, which includes opportunities for acceleration and safety nets for students who fall behind;
  3. Providing support to our students as they transition from the classroom setting to post-secondary education and the 21st century workplace.
Contact Information
Mr. Lynn Plummer, Chief Academic Officer
Ms. Lauren Raper, Director of Secondary Education
Mrs. Megan DePasquale, Executive Director of Exceptional Children 
Mrs. Mandy Melton, Director of Career and Technical Education
Mrs. Nancy Hatley, Director of Federal Programs and Grants
Mrs. Jolene Graham, Early Literacy Specialist
1000-4 North First Street
Albemarle, NC 28001
Phone: (704) 961-3000