Quarter Cent Sales Tax

We are making improvements

at a rapid pace due to your support generated from the

Quarter-Cent Sales Tax.


Projects being funded by the Quarter Cent Sales Tax are listed below.

Quarter Cent Sales Tax

Once the safety needs are accomplished at each elementary school, we will review and add additional measures at our middle and high schools. We anticipate at least two to three years of tax income to accomplish these needs.


As the safety concerns are completed, there are many technologies and other building upgrade needs. Many of our elementary facilities need remodeling, including painting, roofs, flooring, and heating and air all impact the quality of our older buildings. We anticipate year four and future years of funding would help offset some of these costs.


Technology will always be in need of improvements as it changes continuously. Having a revenue source for this would help ensure our students are kept abreast of what the future world and job market are requiring. An investment in our students is certainly an investment in our community and future. We hope this brief education in where your tax dollars will be used helps in your decision. Current funding for education is derived from local property tax, state, and federal dollars. Recent years have seen a decline in state and federal per-pupil funding, shifting more of the burden onto local counties.