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Money Matters

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Effective 7/1/19

*The NC General Assembly has appropriated funds to allow students who are eligible for reduced price meals to receive breakfast at no charge. There are limited funds for this program, however, and it may be discontinued without notice at any time.

Community Eligibility Provision:

Students attending CEP schools (Central, East Albemarle, Albemarle Middle and Stanly Academy) receive breakfast and lunch at no charge per Section 104 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.


Payment Options
   We accept the payments on accounts that can be made directly to the cafeteria in the form of:

  • Secure online payments at K12 Payment Center
  • Cash
    • For elementary students, we highly recommend that cash be placed in a sealed envelope with the student's name and student ID number clearly written on the outside of the envelope.
  • Check
    • Include the following information:
      • Full Name
      • Street Address
      • Phone Number
      • Student Name and Student ID Number in the memo area
    • We do not accept starter checks.


Getting a Phone Call?
Two types of phone calls are made on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings:

Courtesy Calls are made to students who have more than $0.01 but less than $5.00 on their account as a friendly reminder to avoid running out of money. TIP: if you regularly find yourself in this range, either bring the account to $0 by requesting a refund in writing from the cafeteria manager or by adding enough funds to bring the account over $5.00.

Negative Balance Calls are made to students who owe more than $5.00 to the school cafeteria. Please send payment to the school. Remember, you can avoid going into the negative by setting up automatic payments via K12 Payment Center!