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Central Office Administration    
Director Stefanie Almond 704-961-3000
Supervisor Danette Huneycutt 704-961-3020
Bookkeeper vacant  
Program Assistant Lorie Thompson 704-961-3064
Cafeteria Managers    
Albemarle High Latavia Rushing 704-961-4224
Albemarle Middle Tammy Bowers 704-961-3424
Aquadale Elementary Cheryl Windham 704-961-5624
Badin Elementary  Cindy Barbee  704-961-3924
Central Elementary  Sandra Tucker 704-961-3224
East Albemarle Elementary Ginger Lowder 704-961-3523
Endy Elementary  Trina Poplin 704-961-3324
Locust Elementary  Laura Hiott 704-961-5523
Millingport Elementary Lori Burris  704-961-4324
Norwood Elementary  Teresa Faggart 704-961-4024
North Stanly High  Amy Story 704-961-4624
North Stanly Middle Barbara Massey 704-961-3724
Oakboro Choice STEM Sandy Gouge 704-961-4724
Richfield Elementary  Tracy Taylor 704-961-4824
South Stanly High  Tihesa Burns  704-961-4124
South Stanly Middle  Laceta Blalock 704-961-5724
Stanfield Elementary  Taska Little 704-961-5824
Stanly Academy Tracy Huneycutt 704-961-5224
Stanly Early College  Tracy Huneycutt 704-961-5224
West Stanly High  Tracy Huneycutt 704-961-5224
West Stanly Middle  Tammy Little 704-961-3624