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Alarms & Communication

Fire alarm systems/Drills
Components of the Fire Alarm System will require periodic maintenance.  In most cases, the alarm system will let you know when a piece of equipment has failed.  The system will show a failure as a "Trouble Alarm."  Acknowledging the "trouble alarm" will silence the beep for a period of time.  Call the Maintenance Department when the system fails and give a complete description of the alarm code showing on the fire alarm panel.  The repair will be assessed and assigned to an outside repair contractor if needed. 
If during the course of your monthly fire drill a component (strobe light, horn enunciator, door holder) should fail, please report that immediately to the Maintenance Department for repair assessment.  

Intercom/Bell systems
All intercom system repairs should be reported directly to the Maintenance Department.  These repairs are usually completed at the school with little down time. 
Bell system repairs are handled differently depending on the type of system your school has.  Some schools maintain their own systems using telephone communication while others are maintained by the Maintenance Department.