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The maintenance department is not responsible for ordering furniture for schools. This includes items such as blinds, whiteboards, tack boards, clocks and shelving.
We do, however store surplus furniture from schools at the Central Storage facility (Minopond).  When a school decides to surplus furniture and/or equipment, fax a completed Surplus Equipment Form to the Maintenance Department at 704-982-4882.  This list should include: quantity, item, reason for removal, and operability of equipment for each piece.  Upon receipt of this list, Maintenance will generate a work order for the equipment/furniture to be picked up. 
The Maintenance Department will not remove surplus equipment until a Surplus Equipment Form has been filled out and faxed to the Maintenance Department. The key to the storage facility will not be given to anyone for the purpose of delivering or removal of equipment unless a Surplus Equipment Form has been filled out.
Maintenance is in the process of developing an online database for surplus inventory stored at Central Storage.  This will allow school staff to review items available for use that have been salvaged by other schools.  More information will follow when this is available.